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MH Property, welcome to Paradise !

Dernière mise à jour : 26 avr. 2021

We each have an idea of what a perfect vacation looks like. At MH Property, the perfect holiday is one in which you don't have to worry about, but the present moment. We have selected beautiful havens of peace where you can settle down for a few days, a few weeks or as long as you wish and let yourself be pampered.

Let us organize a getaway that you're not about to forget in one of our favorite places.

Summer on the French Riviera

The French Riviera is a sunny coastline along the Mediterranean Sea bordered by cities which names are enough to start you packing: Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco. Beautiful sandy beaches are set in this rocky coastline of white cliffs that dive into water so blue that it has given its name to this corner of paradise.

The French Riviera and MH Property

Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, a Mediterranean hideaway

Although the French Riviera is the place to be during the Summer months, the coastline still hides sheltered bays, secret coves, isolated anchorages and flowery islands. It is on a peaceful peninsula, secluded from festive hustle that you will find our most exceptional luxury properties.

Cap-Ferrat is a 15 km long strip of land lined with sheltered bays, beaches, sunny creeks and splendid villas nestled in luxurious Mediterranean gardens. An ideal spot to spend a peaceful stay in an enchanting setting. The charming port of Saint-Jean welcomes yachts and features a dozen discreet restaurants where you can enjoy local or Italian specialties.

Only 10 km from Nice, you’re a few minutes away from all the Riviera has to offer. We can arrange to moor a yacht for your sole use in Saint-Jean’s marina. With MH Property, the sky is the limit, our 24-hour concierge service can handle all your whims, from the organization of your airport transfers to that of your dinner parties. We have partnerships with the most prestigious wineries in France and know where to find the best chef in the area. Let us pamper you!

Winter in the Caribbean

Right when the days are the shortest and the weather gets really bleak at home, it’s the perfect time to head to the Caribbean. From December to April is the dry season with plenty of sun and lovely temperatures. With more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean Sea, you really have a choice, and although we can find your dream holiday retreat on most of them, we have a preference for a little tropical gem: St Barts.

Saint Barts, an elegant paradise

If celebrities regularly retreat to the tropical paradise of St. Barts, there's a good reason for that. The island, French territory, offers a delicious blend of French sophistication and Caribbean relaxed hospitality. It is best known for the variety of its beautiful white sandy beaches and offshore islets where you can find isolated moorings and secluded coves.

Discover St Barth with Mh Property

This amazing, multi-faceted island has also been selected by Forbes as one of the "10 Best Shopping Destinations in the World" with streets lined with luxury brands such as Prada, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, etc. Its 25 km2 are also the home of more than 80 restaurants: chef's tables and trendy cafés.

Exclusive, St. Barts is by no means pretentious. It knows how to elegantly combine the desire for a peaceful, low-key escape with the joy of celebrating, especially during the holiday season. Let us know what your vacation dreams are, and our team will help you fully experience paradise. Whether you need a case of exclusive Champagne to celebrate the New Year a relaxing massage or to provide you with an exclusive Van Dutch yacht to explore the neighboring islands, all you have to do is ask!

You’re dreaming of a white Christmas?

Although we won’t make snow happen in St Barts, we have beautiful chalets in the French Alps. Enjoy winter in Méribel, Courchevel or Megève in properties that combine a hushed cozy ambience and pure comfort. All three resorts combine Alpine tradition revisited in a contemporary version, offering at the same time great skiing and amazing restaurants, spas and shopping. As in all our destinations, we offer concierge services to make your holidays relaxing and memorable.

The French Alps with MH Property

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